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Has anybody else here started reading in color and then collected the B&W versions? Do you have a preference? It seems I always feel that my first exposure to something is "the authentic experience" and anything that comes later is a variation from what I perceive as "the norm", even though I know I'm doing it backwards from the folks who've been around from the beginning in 1978. I'd be interested in hearing other folks' opinions on color and B&W versions.
I started off with color, but have slowly been collecting original issues in B&W and love both!! For me I find the B&W work so tempting, the line work is so beautiful, I want to color them myself and have to hold back! If you can find a copy, I recommend the Elfquest Gatherum. Has plenty of interviews and commentary from the Pini's about the progression of Elfquest from creation to what we have now. There is also plenty of commentary from others about the impact that Elfquest had on comics and story telling. Worth every penny!