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Rob said: Three genetic parents is available on free healthcare in the UK, if you want it.
Yes- but that is not two sperm hitting on one egg. That's taking the genetic contents of one woman's egg (who has mitochondrial disease) and implanting in another woman's egg that has been scooped clean, but has healthier mitochondria. You aren't actually getting the genetics of three parents. You are getting the genetics on two parents- and a third person's healthy mitochondria. It's similar to gestational surrogacy. The resulting child is not genetically related to the donor. Whenever two sperm hit one egg- you have a surplus of chromosomes and that tends to cause problems.
RedheadEmber said: Of course they don't have to have both sired Sust (or Cheipar for that matter), as Pike put it in Wild Hunt "He is ours!". Thing is; it's a possibility.
I like it better without. If you don't introduce magical fertilization- then what Pike is saying is more profound. Your family isn't just your biology- it's the people who choose to be your family- who embrace you and love you and raise you.
RedheadEmber said: Same for Mantricker. We might never know who actually sired him - it isn't really important to the story since he inherited the Chief's Lock from his mother, so he was a chief-son no matter what - and it's quite possible that both Lionleaper and Acorn had a hand in rising him. Of course unlike with Sust his parents did know who the sire was.
Yep! :)