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lunakat said: I also don't understand the need for both men to be the daddy just because the parents are involved in a threesome. Why? And if then, why wouldn't that just happen all the time? Like- if Skywise slept with Yun's mom and a random Go Back as well- why is he the only Dad? Is he? Maybe there are five biological dads! Who knows? Maybe Leetah's kids are a result of Cutter AND Rayek planting their flags in her womb. The possibilities are endless.
It may not happen all the time. It may have something to do with how close the three-mating is. In regards to Leetah, first she knows a lot about her body being a healer and would have known if she were pregnant with Rayek's kid (and Suntop and Ember both have Wolfriders soul names, so that's out) and second, at the time she conceived the only tribe that had any control over breeding without recognition was the Go-Backs. Leetah didn't start figuring that out until Kings. Honestly, it doesn't matter and I don't think we will ever get an definite answer. But one thing we do know is that if Sust does or doesn't have wolf-blood it would be known by the tribe (his smell and the healers could tell). I'm happy in not knowing, but in my mind it works.