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Heather said: Makes perfect sense to me. We already know elf DNA doesn't work like human DNA (if that is even what they have). It could be possible for the elves. Especially the Go-Backs who breed like no other group of elves. There is not reason that he cannot have two biological fathers.
Except that that is sort of impossible and doesn't happen for any other animal that breeds sexually that we have ever known of- except for the very rare instance of chimera twins- and in those situations, the resulting offspring is still a little screwed up. And when the egg doesn't split into twins- the resulting embryo doesn't survive because it has an excess of chromosomes. So in the entire natural world that we know of (which is pretty diverse and bizarre) this doesn't happen. Also- there is no indication this has ever happened in the world of Elfquest. There has been no example of it, no discussion of it, and the elves themselves have never appeared to even consider it. None of them are speculating that Pike and Skot are both the dad. They are wondering which one hit that. So we've got an example of something that has apparently never happened in the story, never been discussed in the story, never mentioned as a possibility in the story and can't happen in nature- and we are wondering if it's likely. Well, it doesn't seem likely. Even if Elf genetics are different than human and earth animal genetics- that doesn't seem likely. It's sort of like introducing the concept of male pregnancy. We've never seen that in Elfquest either (although that DOES happen in our version of nature). The closest you are going to get, in our world, is a transgender pregnancy. I guess, in Efquest, a healer could go in and completely rewire the body of an elf to make it possible- but how messy a thing would that be? That also seems completely unlikely because elves have a hard enough time changing their basic form, much less their internal organ systems. This is basically us just coming up with something to fantasize about because we have this notion that you need to be biologically related to a baby to be it's daddy. Otherwise, we wouldn't even care or be discussing it. We would go with what the story presents as having happened- one or the other is the dad and no one cares who it is.