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lunakat said: This is basically us just coming up with something to fantasize about because we have this notion that you need to be biologically related to a baby to be it's daddy.
Of course you don't need to be biologically related to a baby to be a daddy, in fact I'm pretty sure that if there'd been an instant with a male chief who had a female lifemate and a male lifemate and one of them sired a child with the female (obviously...) then the child would be considered 'Blood of Chiefs', even if nobody knew who the actual sire was. Or maybe even if they did know - due to Recognition - but the chief considered the child his child just as much as the other male's child. In fact you don't even need to be involved with the mother of the child, think of adoptions - Teir's adoptive father was his 'daddy', because it he was the one who raised him.
lunakat said: Also- there is no indication this has ever happened in the world of Elfquest. There has been no example of it, no discussion of it, and the elves themselves have never appeared to even consider it. None of them are speculating that Pike and Skot are both the dad. They are wondering which one hit that.
Pike referred to Skot as "your other sire" just after Krim died. Sure, I might only find this significant to the 'who's the biological father?' discussion due to my tendency of thinking sire as being the biological father, but not always the 'daddy' - Tyldak and Scouter for Windkin. Maybe what Pike is saying without Words is that "the other person who would think of you as his son - whether or not you have his blood - if he had lived." Kinda sad, actually, we never got to see Pike and Skot play daddies together; Cheipar died in infantry, and Skot died before Sust was born.