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I think its a very nice thought that Skot and Pike both sired Sust together, but for me personally it seems difficult to believe in the biological view. Even if the elves biology is different from us humans. I always assumed Skot and Krim made Sust in the Shards issue where they "play" under the table. I thought it must be a fairly newmade cub in there when Mender healed Krim because she was with cub and didn't know about it. The scene could be in there simply to explain Krim's pregnancy. I think its difficult to imagine how much time Shards actually takes while reading the comics, maybe 2-3-4 months at most? To be a parent, both in blood or otherwise, has to come from the heart. It requires an emotional bond. If not, its just shared genes. For Mantricker, why couldn't he be the result of Goodtree and Acorn recognizing, and still be more wolfish than both of them. Some elves have more wolfblood and some have more of the high ones blood. Looks, talents, strengths and weaknesses doesn't necessarily go from parent to child. Differences makes good sparks