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Ya! Another brilliant non-statement from Mr. Pini!

Thornbrake said: This is an exciting preview! NOW we're really diving into the main dilemma of the Final Quest: The Palace or The Way?
Does anyone else want to just grab Ember, shake her, and say "That's what your job is for!"? Like seriously- how complicated is that really? I mean- so Ember keeps the way with her group. She can do that on a daily basis- and the elves can stay strong and whatever. Meanwhile, the elves that choose the Palace can still have the Palace. Most of the elves living in the Palace aren't Wolfriders anyway. They are Sunfolk. The Sunfolk were never that tough and strong to begin with. The Palace is actually quite a nice and appropriate solution for them. And the Wolfriders who do live there? Well, let's face it. Next to Chitter, they are kind of old. Unless they decide to give up their Wolfblood, they are not going to be around forever anyway. In the wild, they might even be dead by now. Seriously, Ember- why so extremist? Why does it have to be an either/or? She can choose not to use the Palace daily, keep tough, and yet not lack the common sense to call on it in a true and dire emergency. Sort of the way we don't use 911 all the time. You use it when you need to- when you absolutely need to- and all other times you figure out your own problems.