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lunakat said: Except that that is sort of impossible and doesn't happen for any other animal that breeds sexually that we have ever known
Consistent rules are cool. Eq's general consonance with science is especially cool! That said, EQ is all about how a shapeshifting immortal alien morphed itself into a wolf to produce offspring with the heritage of two species from different planets. So having three biological parents is hardly "unicorns and rainbows" territory! It all comes down to what is shown, what pleases any given reader, and what they can find to justify that preference. Trying to square EQ with what we understand about our genetics is doomed, past a certain point, because of recognition, magic, and sufficiently advanced tech. Who wins? The story. And this small part of the story, I guess, is about showing us a family where biological happenstance is irrelevant. Beyond our human anxiety over knowledge is a place of peace, there for the taking. You know, if we're going to talk about real-world genetic credibility, how about Timmain and the diversity outcomes of her descendants bangin' their siblings and cousins for 10 generations? They can still breath through their faces, which reminds us: 1) recognition, 2) they're all part of the palace, 3) we don't know all the rules!

lunakat said: there is no indication this has ever happened in the world of Elfquest.
See also: recognition is undeniable. I like to see surprises in storytelling. The alternative -- nothing may happen that has not already happened -- is where long-running SFF stories go to die.