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I guess it's possible- but the authors kind of went out of their way to set up the idea of shapeshifting. It's woven into the history of the Wolfriders. The Sunfolk have a healer, the Gliders have a healer- healing is actually a really big deal in book three so much as to be a climax of the story in a healer- showdown... they worked hard to make that something intrinsic to the elves. No mention ever of two daddies. Ever. Still- yeah, possible cus it's fiction. Anything is possible in fiction because it's imaginary. You can imagine whatever you want . I mean- heck, maybe the whole story is a dream? Maybe Winnowil actually won and we are looking at the hallucinations of Aroree as she sleeps away her life in a floating egg in space. Maybe everything will be resolved in a giant dance-a-thon against Gromul Djun within a special disco floor of the Palace. Anything is possible. Just... how much sense does it make? And how likely is it within the context of the story?