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RedheadEmber said: How do we know? As you already said; for the elves who provided the genetic material doesn't matter, so they never thought about it.
Right. It's never been shown, so it's never been seen. Again, the point is not that this particular biological arrangement happened, just that the idea of multiple sires is not alien to the elves--and that it may imply it. Consider Richard and Wendy's remarks that there are many things that would logically be commonplace in EQ, but will only be shown once (to ensure its storytelling power is preserved) or never at all (to prevent it from having any storytelling presence at all.) So we have storytelling craft-- "commonplace, but shown only once" -- to consider when we think about the logic of our expectations. That said, if elf magic can splice two species by design, I'm happy with it being able to splice two fathers by happenstance. I understand why the novelty is unappealing, to some, but it's obviously within the range of metaphor elf magic deals with and might get up to, even if it's never been portrayed before.