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Each of the books had a theme. The first one was about the chiefs becoming chiefs. Longbranch was telling the stories to various members of the tribe, who were trying to work out their individual problems. The stories were all about what it means to be a wolfrider. The second book was about displacement. It was Longreach telling a set of stories to Skywise to help him figure out why he felt caught between two worlds and how to resolve it. So all of the characters were caught in between one thing or way of being and another. I don't remember what the third book was about... but I think the fourth was called "Winds of Change." The stories were all written by different authors- and I think Richard wrote the frame stories- and the very first one about Timmorn. I liked those quite a bit. What was pretty fun was that each of the books continued the stories of the different chiefs and their followers- and I think each of those continuations were written by the same authors as before. So the author writing about Stormlight and Tanner continued writing stories about Storm and Tanner. The author writing about Freefoot's time continued writing about Freefoot's time- and so on. I really really liked these books. The stories were layered and interesting- and they helped show the evolution of the Wolfriders- how animalistic they were in the beginning- and their conflict with the true elves... and how the true elves all died off or disappeared- while the Wolfriders evolved to be more elf-like.