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Ooh, previews!!! I always love previews :) I wonder what has made Ember so upset that she has to be cradled by Cutter in the first panel and on the cover. Regardles, it's a powerful loving image. And I like how the story seems to start touching on the 'nitty gritty' of things, and Ember's way of describing it is very eloquent, a beautiful trap. I totally get her. Remember the Gliders? Their stagnation partly drove Winnowill insane. What's the panel in the Siege storyline again? "We stopped dying, we stopped giving birth, they don't need me anymore"? Or in the same context; the meeting between the elders at the beginning of Hidden Years 9.5? They all touch on the same subject. Safety and immortality come at a price, like no little elf babies. With Sunstream's newborn and Ember's recognition, surely that matters. Especially to the wolfriders. Which is why it surprised me that Sunstream never realized before how much the palace might change the wolfriders. I mean, come on dude! (also, Kahvi looks 'off'..?)