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wingthing said:
lunakat said: When you think about it, the Way kinda sucks...
Kinda? It's the camping trip from HELL is what it is.
If anyone needs me, I'll be in the Palace with a pina colada
I honestly don't get what you guys think is so bad about the Way. Sometimes, to me, it seems like you think it's a just don't give a damn if you, or anyone close to you, dies! "rule", whereas I've always seen it as a live, try to survive, but don't spend all your time being afraid of dying. Basically the Way is the middle ground between being so afraid of death that you forgets to live and actively seeking death. Think about it; all the other four tribes have at least partly suffered the consequences of this either or mentality: The Sunfolk got so dependent on Leetah's healing that they reacted in fear and despair when she decided to leave in order to find Cutter. Luckily they still had some of the toughness that's required for living in the middle of a desert, even if it's in an oasis as nice as Sorrow's End. The Gliders shot themseves completely off from the world and they first went into total stagnation, was very* briefly led by possibly the most evil being on the WoTM, and then got a mountain falling on top of them, so that now there is a grand number of one of the original gliders left. The Go-Backs went the other way and became death seekers, sure at first they were in that rather unfortunate situation of being in constant war with the trolls, and after that there was the issue of the basis for their entire existance being taken from them, but even so it was rather unnecessary to attack Sorrow's End. Juding by Windkin's tale they'd basically dwindled into small wandering tribes at some point during the Long Sleep. Now, of course, they (or at least some of them) are with Venka who might be able to bring them back into order. The Wavedancers spent so much living in fear of everything around them that they ended up not only being afraid of humans, which they really had a good reason to be, but also other elves. Seems to me that now they're on their way back to a more fearless way of living, as Snakeskin said right before Korafay's birth "It's hard to abandon all the old ways, but the birth of a new pip is a good place to start." Sure, it's been more than 20 years, but compared to how long the elves live, and how long the Wavedancers lived in fear, that's not really a whole lot of time. Brill's insistence of giving birth in open Water wasn't due to her foolishly believing that there was no danger out there, but because she knew that it's possible to face and defeat that danger. Of course it also helps knowing that your shapechanged lifemate has some rather exquisite frills that are toxin/venomous/poisonous/whatever. (Yeah. That was a rather long defence of the Way...) *When you think about it; the three years Winnie led the Gliders would be to us as if we (whatever country any of us lives in) had a new leader who lasted for... and hour, even even that long.