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11/17/14: just to note, congratulations to Ingrid, who adopted Dreamflight, and to Angie, who adopted Thornbow! Something to make sure to note up front here, since it has been a while since we've posted -- River Twine is not an RP holt. We operate sort of like the old fanzine-holts (of which there are a few around). Instead of an ongoing RP, we build a group storyline by having members who write stories (some short, some long), which are posted to our website; or by doing artwork. So, both writers and artists are welcome. Members don't have to just focus on the "current" ongoing storylines, but may explore and develop any time period of their character's life. (And members can, and do, write about other characters besides their own -- all owners get approval over anything written about or drawn for their character.) This gives River Twine a somewhat slower pace than some RP groups, I think? But we do tend to have updates and new submissions posted to the website every week or two. We also have a forum, which is for discussion, organizing, and socializing. Our participation requirements are quarterly (rather than daily, weekly or monthly), but it's usually true that the more active you are, the more you get back in terms of interaction with others, which is what we're all here for. River Twine is coming up on its 8th anniversary -- which is good, in the sense that it shows we're still going! But it also means that we have 7 years worth of stories built up, and we recognize that since we don't accept new characters, only adoptions of existing characters, that means that new members have to get up to speed on what's happened, and have to be willing to take on a character who already has some mileage on them. But, the group definitely wants to help new members get caught up, and because a character's entire life is fair game for development, new owners can often really put their own stamp on a character, despite their existing histories. If this sounds like a way of operating that might appeal to you, check out our current adoptables, below!
Honey Aged 315. The sister of Thornbow; mother of Dreamflight (see above) and Recognized of Greenweave, from whom she is somewhat estranged; Honey spent 30 years in wrapstuff, awaiting the time when the tribe would have a healer who could cure her fatal pneumonia. When she was wrapped, she had an apparently-happy family life with Greenweave and Dreamflight. When she came out of wrapstuf, she found that Greenweave had gone back to his previous lover, Cloudfern, and that her daughter was a bit of a mess over the dissolution of her family. Previously someone who concentrated on fishing, Honey decided to remake herself as a hunter, finding that she would be happiest when she kept herself active and within the wolfsong and the Now. She is sweet of nature, and can be generous and kind, but she is so prone to strong feelings and romantic ideals that she can become mercurial and subtly manipulative when trying to make things come out the way she wants. Honey's more grounded and centered these days although she can still be prone to social anxiety. Her full Information Sheet can be seen here, including all stories and art related to the character.
If this character interests you, visit our website at the link below, and click on "Join Us!" in the menu bar at left, for more details on how to apply! Finally, if the group appeals to you but the currently-available adoptables don't at the moment, there is always Reader Membership, which gives you more access to the group and puts you on a list for alerts when characters become adoptable in the future. Visit the website by clicking here, and click on "Join Us!" for more info on how to become a Reader Member.