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Well, @Thornbrake, I now own the Warp Graphics magazine size B&W issues of the original Quest, the Siege at Blue Mountain and Kings of the Broken Wheel comics, too. I have read through all of these and have to say that I like having a book in my hands, whether in color or in black and white (though I agree, the artwork is so much clearer in b&w). Ebay has been a great resource for building my collection. I was able to get the whole Hidden Years series and am slowly working my way through them. I've gotten distracted, though, by the novels! While waiting for Book 4 of the Donning/Starblaze versions of ElfQuest to arrive, I picked up a copy of Journey to Sorrow's End and tossed it into my bag to read on my lunch break. Wow! I love the depth that the story takes on when presented in this format! @Mkal, you were so right! Thanks for the suggestion. I already have The Quest Begins on the shelf for when I finish the first one. I also have the special issue of The Final Quest, along with issues 1-5 but am waiting to read them until I get farther along in the story. I am really, really enjoying ElfQuest! I've even gotten an ElfQuest t-shirt (35 years of pointed ears) and an ElfQuest The World of Two Moons coffee mug! Drinking out of it right now, in fact. Long day! Brain's fried! Need sleep! Have more to say and more questions but they'll have to wait 'til tomorrow night. @Thornbrake, did I answer your question? Those 12-hour shifts really take their toll! Hope I didn't ramble too much. Oh! Finally, @RichardPini I just want to say thanks to you and Wendy for responding to my email. It's so cool that you'd take the time to connect with a fan. (Jo Rowling never did, ya know!) ;)