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I remember ... the one I've discovered - quite unexpectedly - in a tiny railway station bookshop. The first new EQ in years for me. The first one in English. Had to buy it because of EQ ... the wonderful art, the touching story, an awesome Cutter ... It's great to see ElfQuest and Wendy's name in big letters on the advertisement. B-)

RichardPini said: I was just thinking that I wish to high heaven I'd thought to snap some photos of fans devouring original EQ issue #20 at the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA, where we held the big "End of the Quest" party.
End of Quest party in 1984? O.M.G. :-O It was hardly before 1983 that I've discovered EQ1 (German translation) among various magazines and comics in a warehouse. Not knowing whether they would display a sequel in two month ... whether there would be a sequal, a conclusion at all. Three years (with gaps) for the Original Quest, four more years for Siege and Kings - after a two year wait, give or take. And ten more years to discover that there is much more ... hunting it down as fast as possible. Still alone - until I discovered the fandom ... the Scrolls eight years ago. I was late to EQ ... in more than one respect. Feels a little jealous of fans who were able to have a party together in 1984 ...