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Thornbrake said: Our work here is done. You are officially TOTALLY hooked.
Yep! Totally! But speaking from 13 years of experience as an ER nurse, I can truthfully say that there are much worse things to be hooked on! Seriously though, I'm having a blast reading everything and learning these elves personalities and histories. @Bearclaw3 - I did just that, I got the original series in black and white and am amazed by the quality of the artwork. It's easier to see the attention to detail without the color. Sometimes I'm distracted by the colors. Of course, I'm distracted by shiny objects, too!
Tamarien ChangeStone said: My favorite-by far- is still ELFQUEST Journey to Sorrows End, the novel. By Ace Books circa 1982. A dozen of my favorite illustrations, not seen anywhere else, in a free form inking style that still makes me giddy with happiness to see - even today.
I was surprised to see the illustrations in the novel as I was reading. So beautiful! I'm actually taking my time and savoring this book. There is just so much depth, I want to soak it all in and then go back and read the comics again with all that new info fresh in my mind. So, yeah @Thornbrake, TOTALLY hooked! I'm even considering attempting to attend a CON of some sort so I can get a chance to see/meet Wendy and Richard. Never attended one before and not too sure how to go about finding info on them. The biggest cities near me are St. Louis and Chicago, but the only CONs I've heard of are in New York or California. Do you have any advice?