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I never really cared for comics as a kid. If I remember correctly, I only ever owned one comic book - Dracula! When I was 13 years old it had to be monsters. Superheros always left me cold. The comic was badly printed on really crappy paper. The only reason I bought it was because it had a flexible plastic record inside (Yes, a real record! It was that long ago!) with the comic's dialog read by less-than-stellar actors. Fast-forward 37 years to October 2014. A guy about my age was reading a couple of comics where I work. I noticed that the pages were slick and the artwork was very well done in beautiful colors. I asked where I could find something like that because I was always looking for new reading material. He gave me the address of a local comic shop and I went to check it out. Superheros! Blech! Row after row of spandex-clad muscle hulks. Yawn. I left empty-handed. I looked online and found an interesting comic called "Goblins" by Tarol Hunt. It was funny and held my interest for the 4 days it took to read several years of the guy's work. In the accompanying blog, he thanks Wendy and Richard Pini for their inspiration and then suggests if you haven't read Elfquest, "you're in luck! It's like Goblins, but better!" I followed the link and ended up here. I started reading the online collection of the original Elfquest adventure. I was immediately drawn in by the artwork and the story. By the time I reached this panel, after the rescue of Redlance from the Humans, I was totally hooked. How could I resist? cutter These were the kind of characters I'd been looking for! I've been reading steadily ever since. I've got 36 years to catch up on!