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I kinda we were worming together, we have talked alread, thanks for your support! At this time, I have plenty of character cards with starter images, but need some ideas for "spells", or rather activities and events in the story that can be described as events in a game, as well as some more artifacts. I have New Moon, Skywise's lodestone, and bearclaw's amulet (but no images for them yet). On another front, I exprimented with printing some cards. If physical cards were to be printed in a quantity to allow fans to procure them and play, it would be about $1000 in startup costs, and the cards would end up around $0.15 each in materials. As such, with other hurdles, Im focusing on this to be an online play only type game. The software supports multiple languages, including German and Dutch, however some things will need to be interpreted and typed in. Still seeing if there is any interest. I figure things slow down around the holidays, but I would still like to know if there are fans who would refuse to play this or are concerned about complexity or other things. By fans for fans!