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(I know you're busy bringing holiday cheer, Embala, No worries!) These are just the things that are needed! - the dark pool of magic that created Madcoil? I have several 'coils' including Madcoil and Mindcoil, but not the 'pools', which are here and there through the story. I'll have to think how this might be used, perhaps an 'instant' that can allow a player to sort thought their deck and select a 'coil' card? - the magic pond that preserved Kahvi? This is good. I had a brief thought about this as it applied to Kahvi, but I wasn't sure how it would work. A artifact pond that allowed any injured creature to be placed there, then be brought back when (conditions) would work better thought. Good idea! - the wooden masks created by Redlance to shoo curious Humans away? - the thorn wall? These would make good Wall creatures: defenders that can't attack, but can block or defend against others. - the cocoons in the Forbidden Grove? Hmm, this would take some thought. It's a good place to start, but it will take some development. - the "spirits" in the rock barrier around Sorrow's End? Another good Wall example! EDIT - Maggoty's sleeping dust Good, causes a target creature to become tapped (cannot be used until next turn) Would this be an artifact (can be used each turn), or a one-use thing? - Bonewoman's smell disguise Good, gives a creature the ability to not be blocked for one turn? - Winnowill's nutrition potion for the rockshapers Hmm.... Might key into her ability to keep slaves, such as you have to have this to keep opponent rockshapers as slaves, if you lose this, the rockshapers 'escape'? - Nonna's painted symbols This should be added into the game, it's a key thing that 'fills out' the story, as well as many others, but how do they fit it? What effect did they have in the story, other than to allow a common bonding point between Nonna and the Elves? I suppose it might be something that might allow Wolfriders (Green) and Ho'an (white) to 'get along' (IE you can use white mana to summon Green characters), or something? Not sure still....