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Congratulations to our two new members in the holt! Eyeshigh, and Hail! It is very exciting that our holt is growing.^^ keeping with the new procedure, here is our featured adoptable of the month! Character's Name: Swiftwing Gender: female Character's age:1,436 Soulname: Vokda Tribe: SeaFolk Tribal Position: Crafter/Brewmaster Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, honey-brown hair that is often kept in a high ponytail with a thick strand of it hanging over her shoulder, purple eyes. About 4 foot 3, she's able to look most male elves in the eyes. She often paints dots under her eyes for decoration, using a paste made from seaweed and dye. She is one of the few SeaFolk who does not have any fins anywhere on her body. Body Build: Tall, slighty muscular for a female. Usually Seen Wearing: A long sleeved tunic that is colored hazel with salmon accents and purple ties. Also a salmon cotton skirt with a purple leather belt, and an additional woven belt of seaweed around her hips. Prefers wearing boots. Weapon preference: A heavy rock. Magic: Has no magic. Family: Numerous lovemates in both tribes. Personality: The type of elf who won't tolerate much silliness sometimes, and she won't let anyone try to baby her because she's an elder, often times not acting her age. When she was younger, she was what the WolfFolk called "rough and tumble". She's often quiet, because she's trying to think of what could make her recipes better and dreaming up new brews to experiment with. She enjoys a good laugh though, and guiltily enjoys watching the effects of her drinks on elves. She enjoys a healthy romp in the furs, or linens if the mood takes her, though she typically doesn't want a man around if he's just going to get in her way and give her an attitude. Likes: the scent of mint, brewing fermented fruit juices, devising new containers for her drinks Dislikes: Fruit squishing between her toes, attitude, seagulls, swimming in the deep ocean, other people messing with her experiments. Skills: brewing fermented drinks, building clay containers for her brews History: Swiftwing was born into the tribe and like any other SeaFolk child. She was taught to be wary of the wild wolf bloods, and that the ocean was a wonderful thing. She enjoyed playing with the other children, chasing scuttleclaws and spooking the gulls on the beach. She quickly learned she disliked it when anyone put on big airs, and got into her fair share of fights, wanting to take those elves down a peg and teach them some humility. She also very much loved fruit juices, and would store clay containers full of them in her room. She began experimenting, adding herbs and other flavorings, trying to see what new flavors she could introduce to the juices she so loved. One particular experiment, a concoction of berry juices, beesweets and crushed mint leaves, had been sealed and accidentally forgotten about for many monthes. When Swiftwing opened that container, she was nearly knocked over from the heady intoxicating scent that came from it! And she was amazed to see little bubbles in the juice. She tried it, and found it pleasantly tangy and it set her head buzzing. She eagerly shared it with the rest of her tribe, and the visiting High One who especially took a liking to it. Ever since, she's been brewing fermented drinks, using different ingredients all the time. Any Other Information: Has a mortar and pestle passed down from her mother that she will use to crush ingredients for her drinks. Will often bribe other elves to do stomping of fruit if it's needed and will never do it herself.