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Thanks all for the kind comments! WolfCandy, I'm glad to hear the colouring is pleasant to look at - it's a learning process for me! Moonmoss, I suppose you're right that this only misses the name on a scroll. :D I do the line art with inks and colour with watercolours at the moment. Sometimes I work with other media, but right now I'd like to learn to use watercolours better. I'm glad you like the result! Embala, again thank you for your thoughtful comments. :) I made an updated version of the redhead, to experiment how I'd like him to look - maybe even more common look this time!? And I suppose the Sunmaiden is inviting someone to play, haha. I sort of drew the chieftain 'just because', so he has no story... Glad to hear that the picture tells a story of its own.

Vaeri said:
he kinda looks like an older version of an NPC introduced in my holt...XD
Maybe this can be the character's story then... hehe. Sadly I abandoned the idea of another Holt for now, though! I decided that I don't want another one with Wavedancers, but they do seem to be pretty popular in the different holts. ;) Anyway, on to the new picture... Redhead redone: