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RedheadEmber said: Juding by the cover of issue 7 he will meet up with them. And judging by this preview Kahvi will tell her story. So my guess is that Windkin, once he's heard Kahvi's story, will go off to find Venka and tell her about what happened to her mother, maybe after one of the others remembered that "Oh, yeah! That's right! Venka left because she wanted to find out what happened to her mother. Windkin, can you go find her and tell her? Also that she has a Brother. BTW; Aroree is with her, she's really sorry she kidnapped you all those years ago, don't carry a grudge."
Yay! Yep- it would probably take a minute or two for them to remember that Venka was looking for Kahvi. A lot has just happened in a short amount of time- they would have to process it a little. As a side note, I don't see why Windkin would hold a grudge against Aroree. That happened when he was a baby. He probably doesn't even remember much of it. Dewshine or Scouter might- but they managed to live with her after the Palace came back, right? Before Shards- so they should have worked all that out.
Dio said: That statement came first from Reef aka "The Broken One". So it appears there was indeed some deeper meaning to that. I wonder what...
I thought he was talking about the fact that the purpose of the palace was to fly the elves back up into space. Even Skywise says that's the end goal. BTW- I'm really liking Final Quest. The artwork is great! The story is not rushed, but moves at a fast pace. Very nice.