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@TrollHammer - Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. Not that I'm complaining! I will take these elves whatever way I can get them. It is just kind of funny to me that in 2014 I am reading a story published 19 years earlier and actually managed to trip myself up by reading them in a different order than was originally intended. One of those "this stuff only happens to me" moments! @manga - I finished most of the last issue of Shards today ( I stopped when they went after Dart and his group since I have no clue what's going on there because I haven't read New Blood yet) and, yes, I was pleasantly surprised! @Delhya - Good reading, indeed! @Night_Tanem = I quite understand. @travelbug, @RedheadEmber - I was reading them in the order they were listed on the Complete Digital Elfquest Online page. HY came before Shards, though I realized I was reading only half of what was happening at the same time in Shards. I just thought they'd be two different story-lines, not that they'd cross over into each other. On my next read-through, I'll do it along the timeline of when they were published. That ought to be fun! ;) And, yeah, lots of action in Shards! Loved it! @Embala - Oh, I'm loving reading all the different stories. Looks like New Blood and Blood of Ten Chiefs will have me reading all over the world of Two Moons at lots of different times pretty soon. Can hardly wait!