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@Thornbrake - I have learned that one of my speculations about a certain character's fate is not as I had guessed. Yay!!! I agree with you that it is easier to follow a single storyline than to try bouncing around among all the different ones, trying to keep up with the chronology instead of just enjoying the reading. After all, this is my individual experience. Back in October you said "Make sure you share your thoughts and reactions here the forum!" and so I thought I'd share my laughing at myself for being surprised while reading only half of a story! I have to tell you that I'm so glad to find there are no superheroes, death rays, and all that other stuff that kept me away from comics as a kid. Elfquest is so much more. I'd even say it's classier, ya know? The characters have so much depth to them. They even have flaws! I guess, when it come right down to it, these are "people" I'd actually like to spend time with. Can't beat that!