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Davrille said: Or a female character primarly interested in other females doesn't suffer the Lesbian Kiss of Death,(e.g. Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Yeah! What was up with that? Do movies still do that sort of thing? I think it was a really big 90s phenomenon. Two girls hooked up in a film, and despite being heavenly creatures, they were bound to end up lost and delirious... if not monsters! Even if they were to make it up on Mulholland Drive, when night is falling, pondering the idea that boys don't cry- they ended up clearly hysterical and unable to control their sex drives.... or, oh sister, my sister, their lust for blood! I think it was a variation on "the Yellow Wallpaper" actually- the idea that women tend toward hysteria. I guess filmmakers figured that if you put two women together, the insanity that strikes once a month would be amplified. Maybe all the death visited on lesbians in films in the 90s was just a metaphor for having your monthly. That's right, Tara- you should have used a tampon!
NoodlesKraft said: I'd love it if yun "recognized" a girl
She has been repositioned for something! But what....