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Sifra said: That's a very interesting thema, especially if they will explore the less simplistic, sunny side of it.
I think they always have. At the end of the first quest, Skywise has the choice of being with Cutter or staying in the Palace. He chooses Cutter... that time. But who knows what will happen in the future? Arorree has to make a similarly difficult choice when she decides she wants freedom from Blue Mountain. She has to completely sever ties with her people- and, in fact, never sees them again. Nonna and Adar made that choice when they chose to marry. Nonna left her tribe- and then, they were ostracized from his. Olbar's daughter sort of impetuously did the same thing. LIttle Patch had the same decision to make. Rayek also left his people forever to go find himself... though, granted, he didn't seem that attached to them in the first place. You could also say that Leetah had a difficult choice to make- twice. First, in choosing between Cutter and Rayek- and secondly in deciding to follow Cutter. The GoBacks were in the habit of sacrificing... so it probably didn't read like a big deal for them- but they did give up a lot for the Palace. Kahvi in particular. And then, there was Tyldak. He gave up his form and his independence in order to have wings. He got his passion- but at what cost? The question, I guess, is what's next? I think we probably know.