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when I lived in Germany (1986-1993) I started shredding on a skateboard and ( most of you, my extended tribe, don't know this!) one of the very likely things that happens(as you get more extreme!) you have less skill and break your board in half(YES I id that!)so I had to get a new "DECK, this OTHER skater had a NEW un used deck that he was willing to TRADE to me for some of my ELFQUEST zones, he actually came over to my house, to pick all of the issues he wanted he was focused on, ONLY my "Plastic bag protected issues! But since I was very protective of MY EQ collectionI managed to talk him into wanting (more)some of my early black and white teenage mutant ninja turtles! Thank heaven, after feeling my T.M.N.T. Issues he wanted them instead of my treasured Elf Quest, Issues! (they stayed in my "collection until we finally P.C.S'D back here to the very AWESOME united states! In shipping my comics didn't quite make it here to "the sunshine state" (FLORIDA!) my entire collection was stolen(lost!) most of the first 200 issues of X-MEN and G.I Joe! And it Brooke my heart when I found ALL of MY treasured Elf quest collection was gone! All of my "collection" added up, it would take $2000.00 to buy it all again! In MY X- MEN collection ended with most of the mutan massacre issues, and all of the "wolverine and kitty pride"collection! In Germany I was sometimes referred to as the "comic book NERD" YES I enjoyed my nick name!