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lunakat said: How so, Manga? Give us your thoughts!
Lunakat, I just posted a story where one character's subconscious mind changed him from male to female in order to complete a stalled attempt at reproduction. AND IT MAKES SENSE WITHIN THE OVERALL STORY. If that's not weird, then I don't know what is. :) To answer your question more seriously, in part it's the hold-over 1960's free-love and other ideologies. I'm fairly certain that "Elfquest" was my first experience with non-hetero-relationships being openly acknowledged and discussed. It's less so now, but at the time (mid 1990's) that was still very "out there." And there's also the "elves and magic and wait... no, the elves are aliens and they're not fantasy magic they're more like mutants/superheros?" Oh, and let's not forget this whole "women are capable and valuable, whether they're the kick-ass or motherly type" thing the Pinis have going on. I mean, at least half the cast is *gasp* female. That just ain't natural. (Sarcasm, folks. Heavily plastered.) Actually, this is also a good place to bring up something that's been bothering me about "Final Quest." One of the things that I have loved about "EQ" from the beginning is the value it has placed on being alive and on raising a family. From the "Original Quest" Timmain told the elves that the "little deaths" of going out were "very peaceful." But in the end, the High Ones chose "life, spiced with experience." And many things, though most clearly Ekuar in "Siege," supported the idea of "What's all this struggling for, without the babies?" Yet now we have Ember turning Recognition off. And I have grave suspicions about the path Moonshade is going to take. Frankly, I suspect her of not choosing to lose her wolfblood but choosing to shed her skin entirely. Everything is getting turned on its head. Which Wendy has certainly given us plenty of warning about. I just wonder if I will still love "Elfquest" the same when they're done.