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NO Being a Belgian (well, at least a quarter) I get "Elf-what??" most of the time. The thing is Elfquest made me feel less of an outcast in my own family and the world for that matter. Anyone rolling their eyes has not read a single Elfquest issue or doesn't get it. Call me crazy or even judgmental but I feel that anyone not "feeling" Elfquest might be a little narrow minded. Don't get your panties twisted, I said MIGHT. It just showed me that it is ok to feel different than everyone else,that it is ok to be different. @lunakat I don't think it is an American thing... I'm Belgian. To be exact 1/4 Belgian, 1/4 French, 1/4 Senegalese and 1/4 Mauritanian. I've been called names by all these "races" and felt bad about it because I belonged nowhere, at least not truly. After discovering Elfquest I finally realized it's ok to be "something new", have ideas of your own, not following the big crowd but being true to yourself. I am myself because of my parents and grandparents, I became more of myself after reading Elfquest just because it made me believe in myself, not just my heritage but my true self...