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Elfquest definately made me wierd... :-) Well, sort of, kind of a chicken and egg thing for me... I was looking for wierd comics in the 3/$1 bin (remember those?), stuff that wasnt common, "mainstream" like Superman and the hundreds of other titles dumped out by the big companies. I was looking for something that wasnt "normal", that looked good in several ways, that had an unusual story, something interesting. This was mid to late '90s, I guess just as EQ was winding down for the 'first' time, and I pulled out a copy of Jink! after thumbing through a variety of other comics that were noticibly the same theme. I had been there for hours and already had quite a stack, which at the time meant "just a few more". I didnt have a limit, but when the total started to get up around $50 I figured there might be enough material to read fir a few days. Anyway, I pulled Jink!, and a few other issues and went home, not really thinking about it. A few days later, I came back and bought every single one I could find. Since then, I have kept my eye out for more stuff, bought every single DC graphic novel, and finally ended up somewhat accidentally here. I will admit, a portion of myself looks back at me an gives myself a funny look what I find myself, a somewhat intimidating 300lb tall person by some standards, ending up talking about Elf Quest projects I have attempted... But then, the group I go with to the local tavern will play MTG some friday nights at that tavern, and we get some fhnny looks....