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I have encountered some definite side-eye over my EQ love through the years--from 1981 when I started reading it as a kid (the first Starblaze, V1 was my intro, and it was new to the world then), to now, decades on. I pick up and dive back into the entire series every few years, then shelve it, then read it again a few years later. It's been a part of my life since childhood, and I'm in my 40s now. I've named pets after characters, LARPed it in the schoolyard with two friends who also read it, the whole nine yards. I have a ridiculous attachment to it and it's shaped me positively (and negatively, I would even venture). I can see it through critical eyes and happily discuss problematic stuff about it, as well as praise it to the rafters for being progressive in many ways, too (not to mention gorgeous, addictive, and mythopoeic!). I'm a megafan who's also not an apologist, and the further on we get from its appearance way back when, the more I see the manga connection (always obvious but seems more so now), with all of the attendant draws and criticisms. The side-eye I got as a kid was due to my being a girl who loved comics and fantasy in general. The side-eye I get *now* stems from my professed devotion to EQ in a geek community of graphic novel readers and creators who consider EQ cheesy, and because I'm a fantasy publisher and writer myself with a PhD in literature who "should have better taste." In other words I'm weird to mainstreamers who think comics and fantasy are "beneath" them or me, and weird to the hardcore comic/SFF fans (picking up my Final Quest subscriptions these days docks me some "cool" points at my comic local. I just crook a grin at them, though). I can't win at either end, but I DON'T CARE. EQ has always been part of my life and part of me, and this Weird Girl is fine with whatever they throw at her. I don't hide or deny my love of EQ. "Weird" is inventive, after all. Sorry for this massive dump. I am just so thrilled to have found a critical mass of EQ lovers and "getters" and very happy to meet you all and read your insights! <3