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Adoptable of the month! Always looking for new members, and currently looking for additional staff! apply, even if you don't have staff experience.^^ Player's name: NPC Adoptable Character's name:Vineweaver Gender: Female Character's age: 180 Soulname: T.B.D Tribe: WolfFolk Tribal Position: Treeshaper Appearance: Pale skinned stays under treecover as much as possible, Eyes: Pale green Hair: Long straight and very dark brown. Notable feature: Freckles Body Build: lithe and graceful Very dainty for a wolffolk Usually Seen Wearing: Some form of a dress Weapon preference: Thorn spiked cudgel if she actually needed one Magic: Very Strong Treeshaper Family: Grandfather Triproot (Deceased) Personality: Softspoken and awkward around others. Plants are so much easier to understand. She is easily embarrassed and blushes bright red due to her pale complexion Likes: To make gifts from plants for others. The company of Pereservers and their singing. Dislikes: Skyfire storms and fire though she knows it brings new growth it saddens her to lose the plants Skills: Making baskets either by hand or magic. She excels at both. Anything you can think to make from plants she is you girl History: T.B.D Any Other Information: Bonded Animal: Name- Flitter Age-6 Gender-Male Species- bird ~Raven Appearance- Iridescent black typical of a Raven. Personality- Loves his Shinnies and getting scratched behind his head