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Yes, there are two different books dealing with Rayek. They use the same cover art and have similar titles, so there is often confusion. Rogue's Challenge is a graphic novel that collects issues #6 through #9.5 of the Hidden Years series with bridging art between the individual comic issues. It tells Rayek's backstory and the events immediately after Kings of the Broken Wheel. It was published in hardcover and is out of print. These stories and the bridging art were also published in the Elfquest manga #14 by DC Comics, but the bridging art is not on the EQ digital comics section. Rogues Challenge Cover Rogue's Curse is a graphic novel that collects the serialized story of the same name from the EQ Vol. 2 anthology series. It was published in softcover as part of the EQ Reader's Collection. It tells the story of Rayek as the jailkeeper to Winnowill's spirit after Shards. It is also out of print but is available in the EQ digital comics section. Rogues Curse Cover