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Thornblake- Well the point of a wikia is to have all information on a topic compiled into one space, it is supposed to be an encyclopedia afterall. However, I'm really trying to focus on the publications right now anyways, I wasn't the one who started the wikia nor did I do much editing of the character bios. Perhaps after this absurd endeavor is done I'll mess around with the rest of the site. And thank you for the complete info on Rogues Challenge vs. Rogues Curse, I'll say it's definitely not easy keeping things clear when so many of the series names are somewhat ambiguous. Embala- Thank you very much! At the moment I'm going through a few of the books I have in my possession, (some checked out from the library) and recording some of the less interesting, but still rather vital information to those trying to identify the books. ISBN numbers, publication dates, boring etc. stuff. Along with that, I'm slowly making my way through the Marvel 1985 reissues, uploading cover art and typing up a brief synopsis for each. I suppose the most help I'll need would be on some of the short stories you mentioned. Like I'm not entirely sure what the single issue of Siege at Blue Mountain is, or what it contains, same with the rest of the list that you typed. How were these issues released, who were the publishers at the time, were they in color, etc. I'm just not entirely sure what the "single issues" are. Also, what exactly is Elfquest Volume 2? I know absolutely nothing about these issues besides what is seen in the comic viewer. As for the translated EQ, I think that rather than having a separate section for them, I will mention on a series' or issue's page that it was translated for -insert region here-. All I need to know is which ones had translated versions. Unless of course there are differences between the translated versions and the english version, then that's a whole other can of worms and I'll probably give that its own section. If any of that was confusing please tell me, it got a little winded at bits... ^^; Travelbug- Thanks :]