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Looks like it would be a good start for me to start with info about the single issues the original WaRP "Magazine" including Siege and Kings. Tell me more about the "boring stuff" you need? Publisher, publication date (I'm clueless about ISBN numers) and a synopsis? Can you tell me which bublications you ACTUALLY know and have read? It would be helpful to pin down the others in relation to it. You know - if The Readers Collection - A Cry from Beyond is familiar to you it would be easy to say "... that's the story covered by "Siege at Blue Mountain #1 to #4". Oh ... please don't count too much on me, skyefinre27. I am truely interested to help - otherwise I wouldn't have offered. I have ne clue about the requirements and rules of "wiki" posts. And I will not dive in and start working like mad. ^^ Would be more like a long-time-project between other tasks and interests. I promise to help when you have special questions as far as I know or can help to look up something. The clearer the "task" you give me the faster and better my responses will be. I have a pretty good collection of the various publication - cover art scans are something I can provide as well.