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Wow Embala thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Okay so first off, the siege/kings was just a continuation, I see now. Then I suppose I'm just not sure how I should have them listed. If they were published in the same way as the original 1-20, then I would like them under the same category, however it seems they use the same numbers as the original quest, which may be confusing for people. If all that information I just said is correct, then I'll just make a separate category for the siege/kings series directly after the WaRP Original Quest. And as for Elfquest Volume 2 do you know exactly how they were printed? Like was it the same WaRP magazine style single issue? Were they in both black and white and color? As for the boring stuff, under each page I'm calling it "Copyright Information". Basically, its the credits at the beginning of each book or chapter on who did the script, letters, colors, etc., who it was published by, and what the isbn number is. For reference, you can check out this page that I finished a little while ago. That's basically what I want to do for every book and possibly even single issue. And that's a good idea, I've read all of the original quest, as well as Siege-Kings of the Broken Wheel, but I've mostly just read them through the Readers Collection. I've read both 2 and 3 of the DC archives, so I know a few of the short stories in them. I've also read Rogue's Challenge, Dreamtime, Hidden Years, New Blood, Wolfrider, Blood of Ten Chiefs, Kahvi, The Searcher and the Sword, and A Gift of Her Own. I haven't read any of the single issues by WaRP, Marvel, or Dark Horse. So I'm probably missing a lot of the little shorts. I truly do appreciate all your help, as of right now I'm still getting settled into what exactly my task is, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to need help with yet haha. I suppose at the moment I'm just looking for input still :] Is there anything that you in particular would like seeing in this archive? Any information that you once had trouble finding and think others would find useful?