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Thornbrake said: Rogue's Challenge is a graphic novel that collects issues #6 through #9.5 of the Hidden Years series with bridging art between the individual comic issues. It tells Rayek's backstory and the events immediately after Kings of the Broken Wheel. It was published in hardcover and is out of print. The bridging art has never been published elsewhere
1. I actually thought it was HY 9.5 on it's own that was 'Rogue's Challenge' 2. It makes a lot of sense that HY 8 and 9 are in a collective series about Rayek, but HY 6 and 7? Aren't they the 'How Shall I Keep From Singing?' story? 3. 'Rogue's Challenge' and 'Rogue's Curse' has the same cover art? Now that's just majorily confusing.
Thornbrake said: The correct information is in the character profiles on eq.com. Which sort of begs the question, is there a need to duplicate this info on the Wiki?
Maybe not the full bios, but just the info box at the side. Fx here in Kahvi's "box"
Children Vaya†, Venka, Teir (implied)
I'd say the "implied" bit next to Teir could be removed. And then links to the official bios could be placed with each character. B-)