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Redheadember- Rogue's Challenge (I have the book in front of me now) was book 9 of the Father Tree Press editions. In order the chapters go Daughter's Day (where rayek goes hunting again), How Shall I Keep From Singing Pt 1 & 2 (The High Ones stories which focuses mainly on a high one that Rayek must have descended from), The Enemy's Face (Rayek and Leetah's past), and Rogue's Challenge (where Cutter and Rayek duke it out). Then between all these there are bridging pages. Also the other thing about wikias is that things can be written that the official bios lack. The fan's reception of characters, theories on lineage or whereabouts, images to show a character's change over time, and other things that official pages wouldn't have can help complete the full encyclopedia idea that is a wikia. Eventually I would like to go back and edit the characters as well and also link to the official bios, plus any online comics that are pertinent to their history. The other reason why I think it's a good idea to have all the information available in two places is simply because sometimes this website can be rather slow. Lately I'm can't even get the comic viewer to load in under 10 minutes. A wikia is meant to be your one-stop source for all encompassing information on something, and luckily, their no-nonsense design makes for quick loading times.