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skyefire27 said: then I'll just make a separate category for the siege/kings series directly after the WaRP Original Que
Makes sense!
skyefire27 said: And as for Elfquest Volume 2
They are published by WaRP, not magazine style but like the the modern issues in size. And there are other storylines published between "ElfQuest - OQ, Siege, Kings" and "Elfquest Volume ", taking place at various points in the timeline. You definitely need two lists: - the publications avvording to the release time - and the published stories according to the timeline ... I'll try to give you some fast overview this weekend, okay? I'm afraid the task is even nore voluminous than you've thought.
skyefire27 said: As for the boring stuff, under each page I'm calling it "Copyright Information".
I'll look it up and try to start with this. Any series I should start with? I suggest the very first ones by WaRP: Elfquest (what I call the Original Quest), Siege at Blue Mountain, Kings of the broken Wheel. Or would you like to get something else first? As far as I get it you are familiar with most of the EQ stories - but mainly via Readers Collection. Right? Then I can refer to those when I want to tell you what the single issues cover. :) Looks like all you miss (basically) from the main storyline is Discovery - following The Searcher and the Sword - and the brand new Final Quest. Do you mind spoilers? I can cover you with input! XD Shout STOP before you drown. ^^ What I would like to find ... respectively have missed? - an overview about the story lines - how the different stories belong in the timeline. (there's a timeline on EQ.com ... must give you the link) - informations which stories are original, which are reprints, which issues are covered by the reprints and which are not (I have made some lists about this ;) ) ... what's b/w and what's colored. - and there should be information what's drawn by Wendy and what's done be other artists. And a synopsis ... I don't really mind spoilers.