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RedheadEmber- If you could find that thread with the translated editions please let me know! Otherwise I'll just keep it in the back of my mind and look for it later. Embala- Okay so first of all before I actually create pages for each individual issue or add any more information to the ones already created, I want to have the entire list correctly written out on the main publication page. So that means I'll need to get this siege/kings/shorts in order. And as for the timeline vs. chronological publications, I was thinking of a separate list for showing each issue in the timeline, but those have already been created so at the moment I think i'd just rather link to it than create me own. That would be another project altogether somewhat. For now, I'm just trying to have the list ordered by when they were released. SO, what I really need right now is just to make sure I have things in the correct order for when I put them into the master list. I've been using this website a lot, but some things are still unclear. If I were to order them purely by release date, not where they fall in the storyline, is it Siege (1987-1988) then Kings (1990-1992) and then Holiday Special (1993), then NB Special (1993), then Wavedancers (1993-1994), BoTC (1993-1995), Jink (1994-1996), Shards (1994-1996), The Rebels (1994-1996), Essential Elfquest (1995), Kahvi (1995-1996), Two-Spear (1995-1996), Metamorphoses (1996), Wavedancers Special (1996), and finally Elfquest Volume 2 (1996-1999). After that we've got KC (1997), Worldpool (1997), and EQ Summer Special (1997). Is that it for the single issues? I couldn't find anymore singles that were issues by WaRP. Once it gets into Dark Horse I can do that separately.