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I think I would be okay with it if it had previously been established that this was something that commonly happened among elves... and not a "suddenly I want it this way" business combined with a rewrite of past events. I just don't think it was ever set up as something that happens in the past. Goodtree, Mantricker and Acorn had a whole story about the conflict of Goodtree recognizing Mantricker and not Acorn. If two daddies were possible, I don't understand why Willowgreen had to hide her recognition to Greywolf from Mantricker. Why not just use her healer abilities to have two daddies? You know? (Greywolf and Mantricker were best friends- they would have probably been down for that.) It just doesn't make sense. The conflicts in these stories are based on the notion that you can only have one biological dad. I also think that Pike/Skot/Krim trio and their all-inclusive attitude toward fatherhood makes a really good point about what a family can be. Krim feels that both her lifemates are equally important to her, no matter who the dad happens to be. And they are equally the father- whether they are the biological father or not. Skot's memory is never forgotten and is passed down to his son- who is also Pike's son. And it's irrelevant if that happens to be Pike's genetic info or Skot's in there- because Skot died so that the family could survive and Pike raised the boy- ergo, they are equally important figures in his life. If you make them both the genetic dad... that whole point evaporates. As far as Goodtree's son suddenly looking like Acorn.. I wouldn't be surprised. And I would probably blame a sloppy artist for that. I read the BoTC anthologies- but I didn't really pay attention to the comics because the art was so bad. (Wendy and Richard like to think that people are prejudiced against other styles or only want Wendy as an artist But the truth is, 90% of the people they hired were really bad artists. They couldn't draw well, didn't really understand anatomy or how to draw through a character... I illustrate for a living, and I know there are dozens of quality artists out there who could have done it better.) Watch.. now that I've said this, that whole theory that Leetah is going to use her magical powers to make a baby with Cutter and Skywise both will be the plot of issue 7!