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lunakat said: I just don't think it was ever set up as something that happens in the past. Goodtree, Mantricker and Acorn had a whole story about the conflict of Goodtree recognizing Mantricker and not Acorn.
You mean Lionleaper, right? Goodtree recognizing Mantricker would be kinda weird (and let's not dive into the fact that supposed Moonshade and Strongbow were at first suppose to be mother-and-son as well as recognized lifemates).
lunakat said: I don't understand why Willowgreen had to hide her recognition to Greywolf from Mantricker. Why not just use her healer abilities to have three daddies? You know? (Greywolf and Mantricker were best friends- they would have probably been down for that.) It just doesn't make sense. The conflicts in these stories are based on the notion that you can only have one biological dad.
And here I suppose you mean Two-Spear... As for why WIllowgreen hid the Recognition, well... Two-Spear was kinda crazy.
lunakat said: Krim feels that both her lifemates are equally important to her, no matter who the dad happens to be.
Krim herself that that the sire might possibly be both of them.