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Hoo boy, a slew of new characters! Vesparose adopted Jes and Rux, and created Eveningveil and Lexm; we're also happy to welcome Tenderleaf, NoName, Fereng, Bane, Daryl, and Brea (last two soon to be approved)! This leaves us with one spot for a male in the Wolfriders, and one spot for a male in the Go-Backs (plus one adoptable). This will end our advertising push for now. However! We will not be closing the holt! Because of the interest we've seen in our game, we've decided to introduce something called an overflow spot. Overflow spots are opened when a tribe is COMPLETELY full; for example, our Wavedancers will be full once Brea is approved. Full means 20 active characters. Once a tribe is filled, four overflow spots will open. Overflow spots are not advertised, largely for new players, and prioritized for them. However, for that reason, a new player is entitled to only ONE overflow spot per tribe. If the tribe dips below 20, the overflow members will have the first crack at new spots. So if you stumble upon our game and you're interested, please let us know! We have room for you! If we don't, there are plenty of other great holts we can recommend. Our Wavedancer pod's overflow spots are open, but they will remain closed for the Wolfriders and Go-Backs until we get one more male for them, each. If you have any questions or want more information, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for checking us out, everyone!