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manga said: Whatever you think about the merits of the story, it is clearly fact. The linking art in "Rogue's Challenge" says "Hold hands...! Listen! You'll hear Brownskin's voice -- but he'll speak the thoughts and words of others... Memories captured in the colors long ago..."
The only reasonable justification I can really see would be if Rayek's vision colored the story- maybe he identified with a certain character- and identified others he knew with the personalities of the other characters... and in his vision, they were physically similar.
manga said: It is a little annoying how much the Circle of Nine resembles later elves but elfin genetics work in unusual ways.
Eh... I think you are giving way to much credit to the artist. I think somebody just didn't bother to do terrifically original character designs. Or- maybe the writer didn't feel confident enough that the story communicated the identities of the characters and instructed the artist to make them look like existing characters to get their personas across... but I rather think it's the former.