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Cool theory! B-) Few more thoughts about some "special cases", mostly "bridge children" (Warning, rambling will occur!): I'm going to assume that wolfblood = access to "native spiritual nexus", and that at least part of that "nexus" refer to the heightened senses of the Wolfriders. :-j : Wolfblood, soulname. Has access to the "Native Spiritual Nexus", has the "Encryption Key" (Soulname) :-S : No wolfblood, soulname. Partial access to "NSN" - has the "wolfrider instincts" but not the wolf senses, has "EK" :> : Had wolfblood, soulname. Lost the heightened senses bit regarding the "NSN", but retains his instincts. Keep "EK", possibly out of old habits. Windkin: Had wolfblood, unknown if he has a soulname. Lost the heightened senses part of the "NSN", possibly still has the wolf instincts. Unknown whether or not he still has the "EK"; Unlike Skywise he was very young when he lost his wolfblood, and may therefore not have "gotten used to" having a soulname the same way Skywise might have had, in fact we don't know for sure if he has a soulname as the only time it was mentioned was a single time during the NB story dealing with his birth. Yun: Wolfblood, unknown if she has a soulname. Has both the heightened senses and the instincts, part of the "NSN", don't know if she has an "EK". :o3 : Wolfblood, unknown if he as a soulname. I'd say it's very likely he has the senses, has the instincts enough to transform into a wolf, and when he's in wolf-form I'd be surprised if he hasn't got the wolf senses, so why shouldn't he have them when in elf-form? Don't know if he has an "EK". Serrin: Wolfblood, seem to not have a soulname. There has been nothing to clearly indicate that she has the heightened senses, on the other hand there hasn't been anything indicating that she hasn't either, doesn't seem to have the wolf instincts, though that might simply be due to never having been (shown) in a situation in which she'd need them. Seemingly no "EK", when she and Dart recognized he didn't seem to learn her soulname. However, this could simply be a mistake on the part of the writer, who might not have realised that Serrin, being part Wolfrider, should've had a soulname. Bowki: Wolfblood, no clue whether or not he had a soulname. Only seen very briefly, so it's hard to say whether or not he had the heightened senses, was trained to hunt but can very well later have taken up a regular life as a "village farmer". "EK" status completely unknown. Teir: No Wolfblood, no soulname. Doesn't have access to the "NSN" but might have inherited a bit of the instincts from his sire, or else his upbringing gave him the instincts (or similar ones) from another source. No "EK". Sust: Unknown if he has wolfblood, unknown if he has a soulname. May or may not have the heightened senses, seem to have the wolf instincts, but it could simply be a matter of nuture rather than nature since he was raised as a wolfrider. Unknown if he has "EK". Korafay: No wolfblood, unknown if she has a soulname. No heightened senses, may very well have the instincts, if only in the sense of living life freely. Unknown if she has "EK". Hypothetical child of Ember and Teir: Will likely have wolfblood, will likely have a soulname. Maybe what happened when Ember and Teir recognized was not only a case of them being a good biological match, and it being the "right time" for a Recognition, but also the "forces behind Recognition" deciding to "right the wrong" that happened when Windkin (Teir's sire) lost his wolfblood and therefore his access to the "NSN". If the above (Recognition "making up to" lost wolfblood) is true, then Windkin may very well end up recognizing Someone with Wolfblood. Sure, Ahdri might be a bit sad about this, but... they can threemate!