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I think being black and white saves it a bit (WildHunt- I didn't read Forevergreen). It looks like it was drawn by two different artists- and at least one section appears to be in pencil. The first artist, I think, is trying to keep the look similar to Wendy's... doesn't quite manage it, but tries. The results are decent enough. The second artist doesn't even bother, and is doing his/her own thing. It works, though. I like it. I also liked the latter half of Hidden Years- when Ember and her tribe meet Tier, etc. It wasn't bad. The thing Wild Hunt really has going for it is that it's well written, fast-paced story, that also has a lot of good character development. I like the way the pages and scenes are composed. It really sucks you in and keeps you reading. It's hard to put down. It's well balanced. The second artist who was doing their own thing... I really ended up liking the style. I mean- the first was good too- but I liked the uniqueness of the second style.