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Matrix, yeah. A closer correspondence might be found in the numbered Cylons' relationship to their Base Stars in the rebooted Battlestar Galactica (though elves aren't seen to reincarnate or duplicate. The latter seems obscene. Reincarnation has not been depicted, but seems conceptually consistent and would allow intriguing possibilities if you start thinking about the native spirit nexus and the possibility of it 'infecting' other species ) I imagine the palace being limited and formal in scope, interacting with its established symbionts (the elves) as it would have been designed to do, and taking no interest in anything else except to preserve the integrity and wellbeing of itself and elves. Timmain's network, however, seems implicitly viral, being hooked into nature instead of the palace. She would have wanted it to have the best chance possible of survival. Even if she wanted to prevent it from being too conspicuous or dangerously expansive, she might not have had a choice. Here's a thought: maybe it's her creation, the wolfriders' spirit nexus, that will be the troublemaker! We assume that the palace is going to go "robot nazi" on the wolfriders or somesuch. But maybe it will come under attack from the dangerously unpredictable collective spirituality of the wolfriders. If the palace is sentient, maybe the "native nexus" could become sentient too -- AND BE THE BADDIE. Think Madcoil, but on some larger, more abstract level. I always figured there were many eggs; other refugees from the home world.