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Tam said: She could also be a good midwife because she spent her entire life doing it? Let's not give Recognition and relation to magic the credit.
Remember when Ember and Suntop were born, Leetah said that Shenshen had so few opportunities to display her skill as a midwife. Her mother was the village healer, and then Leetah came along and was stronger than Toorah. Since Leetah's healing power was strong, the need for additional healers would not be necessary. Shenshen was born to Toorah and Sun Toucher. The magic is there, but because of Leetah, Shenshen's power was limited to what she ended up doing: Midwifery. Now, why did Shenshen's power manifest while Leetah was gone all that time? The Palace was gone. Maggoty taught Shenshen herb lore and was there to act as healer when truly needed needed. I think that the horror of losing her sister for so long served as an obstacle for Shenshen to realize her true potential. Now, with the palace back and everyone growing from being so close to it, we may finally find out what Shenshen's special talent from being born of Recognition is.