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I didn't say the magic wasn't there. I'm just saying that maybe she's a decent midwife because she simply IS. She didn't have ZERO opportunities to display her midwifery skills in the Sun Village, but she had some...otherwise Leetah would have said she had none. And the way she assumed she would be Leetah's midwife tells me she'd done this before. She also spent 500 years with the Wolfriders. There weren't many opportunities there either, but she was the midwife for Nightfall when she had Tyleet, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that they may have come to her for other things as well, in the realm of herbalism. She trained with Maggoty as well, as you mentioned. With all that in mind, I would prefer people give Shen Shen more credit and ascribe her skills to study and experience rather than to Recognition and relational proximity to magic. I also don't think that any discovery of powers, especially something like healing, would cause Leetah to have such a look on her face. I could see it being the realization that she missed out on her sister's life, but I don't know why that wouldn't have happened anywhere in the decades since the Palace's return. I think Shenshen is going to go PROVE her place, in such a way that scares Leetah...like joining Shuna on her quest or training with Maggoty full time.